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Originally Posted by yellowssm View Post
Do something different? LOL!!! YOU HAVE A BASIC SILVER B6 A4!!! Its the entry level car audi makes! When that car was out, it was a loaner car and a rental car at the local audi dealer. For $35 a day anyone could be as cool as you driving around a silver B6 A4. LOL. Not to mention the special leases audi had on them when they were new at $2000 down payment and $199/month plus tax. ROFLMFAO!!!! That means there are about 100 times more of them on the road than a E46 M3 and you are telling me to do something different? You are driving a very very very mass produced car. LOLLOLOLOLOL Everything you are planning to do has already been done. Widebody - been done, big wheels - been done, 600+ hp - been done, custom paint - been done, suspension - been done, ICE - been done. No matter what you do to your car someone else already has done it, and done it nicer becuase theres always someone with more time and money than you, same thing with my car. Not that my car is rare or anything (not that I said it was) but common a silver B6 A4 LOL!!! And just because something is "different" doesnt make it nice. Whatever man just keep telling yourself your car is the best A4 out there.
you fuking dumb ass. i got this sh1t 2 weeks ago. are fuking retarded? like seriously. you suck at this whole sh1t talking thing. how much is your precious m3 worth now? 15k? of course widebody has been done. has mine? nope. wont have the same kit, wheels, motor, and for SURE not paint. thats how i know you have no taste, because you think every car looks the same.

this is my car. need a mod list? tell me what is so common in the e46 world? my OEM m3 front WITH shaved fogs and reflectors? or maybe it was my RD rear that was lowered 2 inches and had the gtr vents added? maybe it was my 20" DPE r07's, mind you my car was still fukin slammed. maybe it was my gts3 lip in which i had that CHEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP ASSS carbon fiber removed, unlike your car where u just throw sh1t on. carbon fiber is the fukin tackiest sh1t out.

go ahead and make a poll as to which car people like more. i build my car for me. youre just some douchebag that has nothing to say except for talk sh1t about a car i bought 2 weeks ago. you can also talk sh1t about my daily driver. its a 1977 celica and i love the sh1t out of it.

checkmate homeboy

hell, even on sandblasted CSL's i looked better


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