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Originally Posted by Gottalovethexi View Post

don't bother lul
Originally Posted by TopazKD View Post comon... another ///m driver got pissy, cause someone made fun of him on internet
Originally Posted by ziggyE46 View Post
no shiet......

Hey Jeremy,

what did you say to M3 Guy to make him hate on you so hard? Sounds like Internet is serious business to him! Damn foo, hes just coming out of nowhere talking ****......

Hey M3 guy, smoke a bowl and calm down, ur acting like he called your mom or sister out....LOL...

You sound like a little byatch, get over it...Its only the internet.

If youre talking about website polls to see which car internet queers think is best, then you really are immature...WTF is this? HS? And since you're talking stuff other than cars, you must be spending alot of time looking up his old threads and reading them, just to have shiet to call him on...Damn, that really sounds like HS....
Originally Posted by southpaw View Post
+1. stop trying to act tough, especially in Jer's thread.

Any updates Jer? The sig looks soooooo promising.

i appreciate all that fellas. dont worry this dudes a douche. ray he got mad because i called his car "cookie cutter" and he didnt win his precious free bbk.

yo brandon ill probably have some updates next week as i should be able to start welding homie.
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