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Originally Posted by yellowssm View Post
Your car looks like every other stock, basic, boring audi B6 A4 loaner car that I see go out of the local Audi dealership. Not to mention its silver. Audi must get silver paint cheaper than other colors since its on every boring A4 I see. Its alright i guess since its paid off, but its nothing compared to a B5, B8 or even the boring B7. The B6 body style is so blah, not to mention they had a bunch of problems. Just wait till you roll your window down and then it doesnt come back up. Or wait till you rub the rubber off the a/c, or stereo buttons. Or even better when your HID's go out all the time. Also the 1.8T motor rated at 170hp and 160tq is absolute garbage (even with a giac, revo, apr or whatever flash) Not to mention the cars 3400+ pound curb weight!!! I think a hummer H2 has better power to weight ratio. It needs alot of work to be even remotely fast but then you run into EVEN MORE problems. At least you dont have to worry about the audi dealer voiding your warranty if you did mod it since it probably doesnt have one. Oh well, I guess its alright if you into that sort of thing. I just think the owner is a douche, from personal experience. But im done. good luck on the car. no hard feelings
Originally Posted by yellowssm View Post
did I hurt your feelings? sorry. Common how do drive a silver b6 a4 and call my car cookie cutter? sure its not the most unique, but common SILVER AUDI A4 WITH STOCK WHEELS? Thats fine if my car is cookie cutter, but what is yours?

back to your car... dont try and bs me about the power audi can make AND the reliablity they have. My best friends all have B5 S4's and they ARE FAST, but are not reliable. Not to mention 2 of them are master techs at the local audi dealership. Not to mention the bmw guys hang out with the audi guys and we all tell each other our car problems. Also my audi's (yes both the ones i used to have) were garbage, stock or modified!!! Audi reliability is garbage and so is bmw's, but my bmw making WAAAYYYYY more power than my audi's have broke down maybe 1/6 of the time my audi's did.

Lastly IF swap out your 1.8T for a 2.7TT, you will have to build the motor to SAFELY make 500awhp. Dont BS me thinking I know nothing about audis. Just because you read on a forum some guy made 500awhp once doesnt mean you can do it too and its easy or cheap. Stage 3 B5 S4's make 400-450awhp SAFELY WITHOUT a built motor, anything over that wont last very long
Originally Posted by yellowssm View Post
I never said i thought i was cool because of my car or how fast it goes, or said anything about being cool at all in the first place. I just remember looking at a TOTALLY DIFFERENT thread and you coming in there first and start bagging on my car AND me for no reason when that thread wasnt even about me or my car. YOU were the one getting all tough guy on the internet for NO REASON calling me names and all that BS for NO REASON. Sucks huh when someone does it to you too?
And who cares what your daddy has, it aint yours. Thats like saying my dad will kick your dads a55. Who cares?
Also you got bigger things going on like trying to be a cheap ass and asking people on the forum how to spend $300 on your girlfriends anniversary. Why dont you man up and figure it out yourself? How about that for BIGGER THINGS? And dont tell me about taste in cars... Whenever you like, we can put a poll on audizine, audiworld, vwvortex, you can pick the audi or vw website on which car they would rather have a B6 A4 or a E46 M3 or your B6 A4 and my E46 M3 and see which one THOSE AUDI AND VW GUYS PICK. Taste...please... you should think about what you say before you say it...

WTF. Please drive out here so I can beat the shyt out of you. Your like a fukin 12 year old having a fit.

"SGC > than your general chat"
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