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Originally Posted by paraklas View Post
I will give it a try..

470km = 55 Liters of RON 98 gas

100km distance comes to 11.70 Liters (Real measurements)

My OBC shows: 9.7 L/100

Therefore my correction factor should be 1 - [(9.7-11.7)/11.7] = 1.17

Done in US friendly units:
1 liters = 0.264172052 US gallons
Therefore: 11.70L = 3 US Gallons / 62.5 miles
Comes to 20.8mpg average (aggressive driving + ac always on)
Having a correction factor of 1.17 would increase your gas mileage wouldn't it? That wouldn't make sense unless your car is more efficient now with the TS.

Originally Posted by NickG@TechniqueTuning View Post
The OBC is part of the instrument cluster on the E46
Well that confuses things a little bit. hoverguy says calculation is done in the instrument cluster and not the OBC. However, the OBC is inside the instrument cluster. So how does the data get to the driver? OBC->Instrument Cluster->Driver?
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