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hi all, sorry to ressurect an old thread, but this is interesting, and it was just the info i was looking for.

firstly, does the tel on / speed signal wire actually do the speed signal stuff? or is it an error in the pinout diagrams? i can pull that to 12v when the phone mute pin is pulled low, thats no problem at all, but does anyone actually know for sure what that cable is doing the rest of the time? ie when the phone system is doing nothing and your driving normally?

secondly, the output from a parrot kit is really designed (as far as i can see) to drive speakers directly, has anyone found it too loud? since this way it is essentially fed into the head unit then amplified again.

thirdly, when wired this was, does the audio from the phone come out the rear speakers as well? or just the front?

excellent info, thanks guys
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