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Originally Posted by bluejeansonfire View Post
this is true. According th, the stock e39 540s are running in the low 14s, trapping mid-upper 90s. A well-driven stock 330 should do a 14.4@95. But a 330 can be made to run with a 540 NA, and can be made to destroy it with almost any level of boost, as long as it isn't an auto. The auto 330 is a failure of a car, with boost it is made tolerable, but the detriments to performance from the auto in the 330 are staggering.

A schricked+hedders+tune+3.46 diff 330 manual should eat most mild mod 540s.
Mods this, and mods that...any car can pretty much be made to take off like a rocket, but for simple sanity, we're talking bone-stock here.

Have an EVAP code? Replacing gas cap did not fix? Give me a holler, I can do a smoke test for ya.
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