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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
^ totally agree.
As if a 540 can't be supercharged, cammed up, stroked out, diff swap, exhaust, headers or whatever....

I'd honestly take a 540i 6sp over a 330 ZHP. No lie, those E39s are solid, timeless beaties that shrink around you for such a large car, and the 540 is just a nasty torque monster.

I'm torn right now as I think I want a different BMW next year and I'm undecided between the E39 and E46 chassis.
Originally Posted by GRIDLOCK View Post
Mods this, and mods that...any car can pretty much be made to take off like a rocket, but for simple sanity, we're talking bone-stock here.
absolutely true

I'm talking about the possibilities in ownership. My car went through everything I listed and a whole lot more.

To me modding BMWs is a lot of fun. And you become a pioneer, a record breaker. Why so easy? most people dont go to the track or do any quantitative comparisons.

I'm not sure I could deal with either car in NA form.

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