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Originally Posted by Shuskan3 View Post
Typical craigslist scam, forward your e-mails to and they will take action against the guy posting the ad's.
done. I hope they get back to me about it do you think they will?

Originally Posted by johnoE46 View Post
Most definitely a scam. You should continue to act interested and insist on flying out to NJ to see the car in person with your dad and in good citizenship you're willing to pay $15,000 in cash just to help him out and his "wife".

Stupid scumbags need to get a real job. I feel sorry for the people who fall for these scams.

Keep us updated, Nick.
I reported him so I will post if anything happens to him. I would bet my left nut this guys in Eastern Europe.

Originally Posted by s14roller View Post
Yes, not to beat a dead horse, but all car scams are typed up the same way...

If you want to have fun with it, have the police get involved since it is so local...but this is 100% scam...he can walk into the dealer, trade in, and get more money for the car...

It's only human nature to want to fall for these things...for something too good to be true...but yeah, scams.

There is currently a 06 Lambo G on cl too...asking $25K cause he's rich and doesn't need it anymore
Haha yeah don't worry I never fell for it I knew it was a scam from the second I saw it, nothing to good to be true is. And I do want to have fun with it, I fully plan on it
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