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Originally Posted by 6-speed View Post
How's the 6.8? I have been eyeballing the stag 6.8 getup. I want to actually build an AR, not just get a complete lower and upper...
if you go 6.8 do not go Stag. They don't make the proper chamber, you're limited in the ammo you can use. Use Kotonics, they have a different name now I think, or go to to get a complete list of the better manufacturers. Stag is good quality but there have been huge improvements in the chamber to allow for more pressure and better ballistics. There's actually a whole new chamber out 6.8SPC II, that brings the rounds FPS out of the barrel up to where it should be (intentions for the 6.8SPC were to have around 2800-3000fps, but it didn't perform that way at first, the new chamber makes those muzzle velocities possible and seriously increases range and effectiveness).

As for the 6.8 in general, I love it. I can hunt with it, I can use it for home defense, I can take it plinking, I can even reach out at distance with it (I have consistently hit coconuts with match rounds at 300+ yds). The rounds are expensive, and not easy to find in stores (though online is not bad). And there is a lack of a true cheap FMJ plinking round, but I don't do mag dumps with this thing. I will probably never own another 5.56 AR (well maybe 1 just for kicks), because I like the 6.8 too much.
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