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Thanks for the replies! Im going to the dealer ship today and Ill let you guys know soon.
The car has about 47,500 miles

If the left level sensor or the sucking jet pump has a problem, then you should either be running out of fuel before your gas gauge shows empty, or not be able to put in a full tank's worth (15-17 gallons) when you fill up from empty. If it's the fuel baffle fixture then your car would be choking/stalling/losing power under hard cornering when it's light on fuel (think autoX). However, any one of these could cause a problem with proper fuel delivery to the engine, and might create the symptoms you describe. It's hard to tell without actually experiencing it in your car. Hopefully the BMW techs did experience it first hand.
Thanks thats exactly what I needed! They were telling me that those parts require to be changed along with the fuel pump everytime the pump is changed. Now I know thats bullshit. I can go back with some specific information now.

Any ideas on the SMG pump? Is it possible to predict the SMG pump failure without having any trouble during driving/shifting? Has BMW told anybody else this?
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