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Originally Posted by bishop1977 View Post
now the question is can you go from the basic mirror that doesn't dim to one that has dim and homelink?
Good Question...
Yes you can! In fact back in the early 2000s lots of DIYs surfaced that had this idea in mind.

You mainly need this retrofit wire loom harness which I just sold on eBay for $52 with my old mirror...

The rest of what you are supposed to do is pretty obvious. The premium package mirrors only need power and ground to work for each feature on whatever mirror you get. All you got to do is splice these wires going to your car to any power and ground source on your car.

This allows you to basically add ANY 2001 to present day Premium Package Mirror (whether it has auto dimmer, compass, alarm-LED, homelink, SOS, etc...) to ANY BMW sedan and coupe from 1992* to present day.

Not a lot of BMW drivers are savvy to this mirror DIY secret!

The retrofit wire loom harness by itself can be bought at any BMW Dealership for around $30+. Then you go on eBay and get yourself a Premium Package Mirror for a cheap and lo' your E32, E34, E36 or early year E46 cars can have the same 2009 Premium Package mirrors that BMW want $3,350 for on their 2009 vehicles.

*I haven't checked but all BMW sedans and coupes from 1992 to present day are supposed to share the same hex-shaped mirror anchor on their windshields.

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