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Originally Posted by FlzRider View Post
Great DIY, but I can't find the mirror for sale on ebay, any recommendations for search terms? Also, how much did the mirror cost you?
I was very patient and lucky. I pretty much had this specific mirror set up on my eBay want to buy/search list for almost a full year. And every so often one will come along. I didn't even want the homelink, I just wanted the compass feature. But a few sellers had the mirrors with the compass alone for $300 buy it now. So when one came up with a $0.99 starting bid/no reserved I hawked in on it and luckily won it for $182.

More incredible SNA77 won his homelink/compass mirror for only $100, only because the seller didn't realize the mirror had a compass on it, and didn't know what the homelink buttons. I think the seller just listed it as a regular BMW Mirror and SNA77 luckily saw in the pics that the mirror had a compass and homelink buttons and bid on it immediately.

My eBay seller had awful pictures that made it seemed like the mirror wire harness was shredded beyond repair. Luckily I caught it in the picture that the lengthy cut wire harness was actually the Retrofit Wire harness that was cut-for-splicing onto older cars.
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