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Originally Posted by SerbBMW View Post
So that turbo light is replacing the SES light? and the SES is always on thats why theturbo light is on?? am i correct? how do u know when something is actually wrong...
The CEL (check engine light) light still works when there's a major malfunction in the engine even with our turbo systems. All of the necessary lights for major problems still work such as brake service, high coolant temps, low oil level, etc. The "SES" light shows sensors or modules that test out of range. The factory DME is no longer seeing those sensors. Generally speaking, with our turbo kits when something goes bad such as a coil pack, you know it because under boost you hear the car sputter. Then we get a call and send the customer new coil packs if they request them. If a crank sensor goes bad, your car will often mis-fire and sometimes not run, and you'll have to replace the crank sensor. A vanos can go out and start throwing codes in which case the car will still run but it will be down on power. The benefit of the SES light is that you can find out about some of these things as the sensors are starting to read out of range and get them fixed before you notice them. The drawback to having the SES light on all the time is that you will ignore these alerts and will notice the problem while you are driving the car. Either way, you'll have to replace whatever goes bad. The worry is that you might get stuck somewhere when you wouldn't have otherwise. So far our customers haven't reported problems to us that an early SES light would have changed anything.

The good news is, you can still check the codes unrelated to the engine operation.

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