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Originally Posted by Camicia View Post
It might be on crimes against property but I believe it not to be true for murders, rapes and violent crimes in general (at least for the UK).
Source (don't know how much accurate)
Thought I would share some interesting posts on GunBlast...

Love your site, I'm concerned that Hallie says that Bobbies don't carry guns, this is false, we have armed response units in the UK and armed police in our airports etc, wherever they are needed. Increasingly they are forced to carry anti stab vests as knife crime has soared there, 5 needless deaths a week average. Since hand guns have been banned, gun crime has risen in the UK, they have even had to set up OPERATION TRIDENT to deal with the unusual level of violence from a certain section of our male youth, the only people using hand guns are the criminals, sometimes even better armed than the police. The good news is the majority of the time it is to wipe each other out, but still proof that handgun bans don't work.

Our Olympic team has to travel abroad to train, PC gone mad and yet no reduction in crime, just the punishment of law abiding citizens that the government doesn't trust even if they do win medals. Women may not even have mace, a pen knife or a sharpened comb in their handbag as should they kill their attacker and that would mean they (the woman) had premeditated killing someone.

I had enough and moved to a European country that allows me to keep firearms at home and in the car if not on my person, but only after a years worth of paperwork, medical approval (yearly) and gun club attendance, my neighbours questioned by the police as to if they have any objections, paperwork controls every 3 months, a limit of 7 central fire handguns/semi autos/ex military calibre bolt actions inclusive submitted for authorisation again every 3 years with the police (a 6 month process).

This country has less gun deaths than the UK for an equal population, Criminals here don't buy guns legally, they don't do paperwork, intruders KNOW that there is at least a shotgun under the bed of the vast majority of homes, we have the legal right to shoot them within our house if they are carrying a gun and refuse to leave, we may not shoot someone in the back, fair enough, we may not shoot someone with a knife, but then would he hang around faced with a 12 gauge or a 300 win mag? Shooting someone means sitting in jail until proven innocent and probably banned from having guns thereafter, but importantly still alive.

Even if my new government was to go English on us, hunting rifles will never be banned, and we will at least sleep at night knowing that we have the right to protect our own lives, something that has been stolen from the English because the human rights of the aggressor must be guarded and that keeping that first world war bayonet or a kitchen knife next to the bed means that you are just waiting to murder the first innocent burglar/rapist in the course of his work.

Jesus loves life, the martyrs and He gave their lives for our sins but I would rather ask Him forgiveness for defending mine and my neighbours and winning.

Keep fighting for your rights, they are quashed only too easily.


Hi Jeff, I wanted to mention that when I read your comments page I was a bit ashamed at the other Australian who raised the pro gun control issue - so I thought I should contribute to your outstanding website.

As a Australian who lived in the USA for 2 great years I came from a background filled with media rubbish about the USA. Hard line stuff - with the only information available to me being shootings and mass murderings and right to carry issues - which if you believed the hype - meant that every American citizen was a gun carrying nutbag who would shoot you for any reason. (hence your other writers views)

Nothing could have prepared me for what I found in the America - a nation of freedom loving people who were amazingly generous and intelligent - who didn't understand the word "No". The USA is the last place in the world with true freedom who people appreciate personal responsibility for their actions.

I never felt safer in any other country than I did in America, I have experienced far more crime and antagonist behaviour in Australia then at any time in the USA. And its because you have more respect for each other as a result of being one of the only places in the world where freedoms are a part of your rock solid law.

The other "Australian" who mentioned school shootings and violence forgets the fact that so much world wide attention was given and that a school is one of the last places in America where a mentally sick person can be assured of meeting no armed resistance - which is why they do not attack peoples homes or police stations - because their run for glory will be cut very short.


I thought those were interesting comments from non-Americans.
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