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Originally Posted by Elefant View Post
you didnt answer my question, actually none of you did. just afraid of the truth i guess?
Your question is based on a false premise and the mis-interpretation of the data you provided. Perhaps you are including property crime into your interpretation of the data on the pdf you provided, but from what I can see places like Detroit, Baltimore, DC, Oakland, LA, New Orleans, Newark, and Buffalo seem to lead the list with regard to violent crime. Although I don't have too much specific knowledge on the firearms laws in Michigan or Louisiana, I do know for a fact that California, New Jersey, New York, and particularly Washington DC have the most strict firearms laws in the nation. Take a look at Mexico as well. Very Draconian firearms laws and yet the gun violence there is out of control (and please don't try to regurgitate that 90% of the cartel's weapons come from American dealers, it has already been debunked quite thoroughly and anyone with any common sense can see through that lie).

Of course you could just use math and science to prove how your theorum is correct, but I believe that the link below will show you, using said scientific process, that your theorum simply cannot be correct.

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