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Originally Posted by jacques chirac View Post
If you haven't lived in America your whole life and don't understand that we are a nation of freedoms and that guns are tied into our freedom, you'll never be able to truly grasp any of the concepts of our desire to retain our guns. We're the ONLY country in the world that has a constitution that includes a provision for gun ownership. It's designed to be that way to ensure that all of our other liberties may be safeguarded and defended. It's who we are.

Originally Posted by Elefant View Post
you didnt answer my question, actually none of you did. just afraid of the truth i guess?
This is basically pertinent to your baseless inquisition that was started with a loaded question. And FYI-you NEVER start a conversation with loaded questions. It's obvious what you wanted, and you're upset because you didn't get it.

Did you ever see when Rosie "super-Crisco" O'Donnell had Tom Selleck on her talk show way back when? She started spouting all this stuff about how guns were killing children and how he could condone that. Tom Selleck basically looked like a hero and made Rosie look like the giant fat loudmouthed idiot that she was/is.

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