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Originally Posted by johnewhite View Post
I've seen hardened US Marine combat veterans accidently shoot themselves or others more than once. Usually fatique leads to carelessness. They're professionals with the best weapons training in the world, that live with their weapons 24/7 and where safety is stresseed 24/7, but accidents still happen.
Actually, to be honest the Military's idea of firearms safety is pretty lacksidaisical at best. It's actually pretty low and somewhat inadequate considering how many people there are in the military that know very little about firearms. Granted, fatigue can cause serious brain-farts to occur. It's hard to think and react, but often times it heavily boils down to knowledge and common sense.

In the modern firearm arena, we've kind of rethought things. UD=Unintended Discharge. AD=Accidental Discharge. It's never an accident-it's unintended, but not an accident. The gun didn't go off on its own. It's basically about accountability. We try not refer to them as accidental discharges anymore in the competition ring or as firearms/shooting instructors.

Of all the UD's I've ever seen, and had happen in my presence, they've been highly facilitated by lack of firearms knowledge and familiarity. Add to that stress, fatigue and carelessness, and that's where the UD's come in. I've never had a UD in the 11+ years I've been using/carrying firearms professionally, even after 70 hours without sleep. But then and again, I've been hunting and shooting since I was a yout.
Conversely, I once had a very, very smart friend who just wasn't very firearms savvy have 3 UD's in 30 seconds with his M16 (he forgot to remove the magazine ). It happens.
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