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Originally Posted by 325Mark View Post
Alignment can only be done on uncoded or virgin ews, your used one has already been aligned and cannot be done again any BMW workshop can do this your problem is the ews won't identify the isn from the dme. You need to dump the memory from the original dme and program the used dme. Your best bet would be Bmw scanner or the likes.
This would ordinarily be true for obvious security reasons.

Originally Posted by 325Mark View Post
I have allot of BMW Diagnostic / Programming gear, Ive done plenty research into coding/programming modules as well as Aftermarket and Genuine BMW Equipment. Its kinda a hobby lol. DME Flashing is extremely hard on these cars and you would probably have more success to get an EWS Programmer and trying to change the ISN Password on the EWS rather than fiddling with the DME, Although you wont be able to swap the DME's then because your one wont work anymore. First off check what version EWS you have to see if you have rolling code ISN but I think you probably do.
There is indeed a way to hack the DME and change one of the EPROM values to think the EWS is accessible thus accepting the EWS and associated ISN within your immobilizer. This value effectively allows for the DME to be "Open" to input. A closely guarded secret, but known to people who possess certain tools & applications.

I have purchased a Siemens DME which comes with the new tune and the above mentioned open value which will accept my existing EWS information.
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