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Originally Posted by TiAgTouring View Post
Nice! Sounds about what I want. And you still have both resonators right? If I went ahead with headers and a full 330 exhaust with a ZHP muffler, I'd probably lose at least 1 resonator, so it'd be even louder.

Thanks for all of your help man. Now I've just gotta figure out what kind of 2x 2.0 piping Im gonna do from my cats stainless needed, or should I do an X pipe?
Yeah, in that vid I had all resonators, muffler, etc, everything was stock besides headers. Now I don't have headers anymore(but I will again soon), but I removed the middle resonator, and really like how it sounds with the stock exhaust, though it does drone a little bit now. I don't think an X pipe is necissary on an inline engine... on a V engine I can understand it, but I know that some people have done it on here, and it really hasn't done much of anything for them.
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