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Originally Posted by habbyguy View Post
I'd recommend meeting him at a branch of your bank when you "do the deal" - that way you can go in and get the certified check / money order, etc... and the buyer has NO qualms about the validity. This is also a HUGE selling (errr, buying...) point with a motivated seller (no games, no drama, buyer has the cash in hand). It'll also give you the opportunity to get the sales receipt and/or title stamped by a notary (different states have different requirements, but it's nice to have a "one-stop shop" to get it all done).

I'm not tracking the pricing close enough to claim any particular expertise, but the price sounds at least in the ballpark, providing the car is in really nice shape (no dings other than the inevitable stone chips on the front bumper, etc.). It really comes down to what's important to you, and what it's worth. I would try to either verify that the Inspection II work really WAS done (even if the seller doesn't recognize the term "Inspection II") - OR - I'd use it as a negotiation tool (do some research on what a dealer charges to do the I2, and use that as a "baseline discount", and then buy the stuff needed and DIY!).

Good luck - hope it works out for you!
I don't think they have any branches of my bank up in Boston, but this was a good post... Thanks.

Any other follow up questions I should ask this guy?
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