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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
The dead battery may be a sign of things to come. I never trust used cars that just got a new battery.

Remember to check front CV boots and rear springs should have been replaced by now.

If you buy it replace the fuel and air filters, plugs, oil (unless you know what kind it has). Expect window regulators to fail eventually, not a big deal. Coolant system is a bigger deal.

If it idles and drives nice, has new brakes, needs tires and probably control arms and bushings, around 10K seems like a fair price.

I wouldn't worry about the battey. If that's the first battery that's no big deal. Or even the second. That's a 2001 car...... 8 almost 9 years year old. A typical battery only lasts on average, 4-6 years. BMW recommends changing the battery every 5-6 years. I myself go by the 4-5 year rule. I've had batteries die within 1 year before just from bad cells and it being a bad battery. It happens.

If you're concerned ask him how many batteries its had...... not sure if you'll get an honest answer but atleast you'll get an answer. I wouldn't let a dead battery worry you though.

I'd recommend getting the car looked over by an indy mechanic anyway........having a mechanic look it once over is fairly inexpensive compared to what you're spending. I wouldn't take it to the stealer for a look over......they overcharge for everything. Indy's are just as experienced if not more, and they charge less to boot. Just make sure they specialize in BMW.....I'm not talking about a Ford Indy here......hehe.

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