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Originally Posted by skipole View Post
Interesting. I believe 325xi's can also do this mod. FYI, my understanding is that typically the butterfly valve is *open* at idle. At least it is on 330's. Everything I've read suggests it closes around 1200rpm, so either you looked at the valve when you first turned on a cold car or your car's idle is totally out of wack.

This is a stupid, stupid, STUPID modification. That being said, I did it and left it, and the exhaust is slightly louder now. In particular you will notice a mild volume increase in the 1400-2300rpm range.

Still a ridiculous "mod". The only 'advantage' to this mod is when you're driving around in a parking lot it sounds slightly beefier.
I maybe real late getting in on this one but don't people spend big bucks for a better sound??Just my 2 cents worth
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