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Originally Posted by dangillan View Post
I have iphone and Dice Silverline Pro. took me a while to figure out which dip switches to enable and once I got everything set up it has been working perfectly. I understand your complaint about the DICE not working the way it should, I have read many many many posts about it, but right now mine is working perfectly and when it does work perfectly the setup is 100x better than this set up you are demonstrating. What happens if you have more than 3 playlists or whatever? I have about 50 playlists (my favorite albums) and when I'm in a playlist I prefer the track title to come up before the artist name scrolls, this seems redundant to show the artist first every time. also it takes you a VERY long time for the text to start scrolling. also I am able to select tracks from both the steering wheel, radio face, or the iphone itself without changing modes and without being locked out or losing text ever. I dont see any advantage of this unit over a DICE silverline pro if they are both functioning as intended, in fact this seems way worse and there arent enough people out there using it to prove that it wont run into the same reliability issues that the DICE does over time. The market is saturated with DICE owners and you only hear about the people with problems, not the people that it is working perfectly for.
I agree about Dice having a greater market share & therefore more negative experiences. Its one of the reasons that I used it for four months before posting my opinions. Hopefully talking about it will make more people aware of USA-Spec & shift the numbers. Time will tell.

Re: the number of playlist. If you navigate 50 playlists on a Dice you must be talented. The thing is a nightmare to use if you go over 6 or 7.

I also agree that the text does not appear as quick as with the Dice when changing songs. But as I qualified, if you are one of the many people inflicted with stuck text on the Dice, the USA-Spec works.

Last note, for the last few months I had the Dice in my car it did work reasonable well, then one day ----------------- nothing!
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