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Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
Oh, I didn't talk about that in my video because I don't use it but yes it has an aux in - not a 1/8" like the Dice, it has two RCA plugs like on the back of a stereo.

Here's the part you are not going to like though. I am 99% positive that you loose a playlist button when you select that option through the switches on the USA-Spec module.
I have the USA spec as well and I love it. The instructions say that if you use the AUX you lose the direct mode which is to control the ipod from the device. I upgraded my radio and run a seperate AUX just in case I might be using a different device such as a blackberry or some other DAP.

I've had the GROM unit. This was the radio connection. Mine didn't have the USB connection. GROM has excellent customer service, but I kept on having problems with mine. The audio kept on getting garbled or it would just plain lose connection and I would have to take out the radio to disconnect and reconnect...pain. I returned mine 6 times before I finally got a refund.

I've been using the USA spec for a couple of months now and had no problems at all. I've read in other threads that the OEM BMW ipod adapter is a bastardized version of the USA spec.

My only issue with USA spec is that I wished it was a radio connection instead of the cd changer connection in the trunk. It was a pain the run the cables under the carpet. I don't know about anyone else, but I had to remove my seats to run the cable (I don't have fold down seats). At the end it was worth it. I installed the unit underneath the center console. The instructions say to install the device where it can be accessible. I did have to modify the coin holder to make everything fit so if you go this route, be warned, it's not rocket science but it's not a walk in the park either. If I were to do it over again, I would have just installed everything in the trunk and left my ipod in there. I never use the ipod itself, the radio controls are pretty good and the install could have taken about 10 min.

I have no experience with DICE so I can't comment on it. The USA spec works and very well. Seems pretty bulletproof to me. I bought mine at for $120.
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