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Originally Posted by glockman9c View Post
Why don't you agree?

Simple, semi-heavy, double action revolver with .38 hollow points is not a good first weapon for a woman/small man in your opinion?

(I am not saying one for each
I'm no expert so take it with a grain of salt. I personally have never liked wheel guns, they just don't feel right in my hand and I'm just not accurate with them, at least not in DA. I think the 357 is alot of gun for a "noob" to be honest but loaded with 38s I guess its ok.

You're right are gonna have a problem finding a gun as reliable as a revolver and its pretty damn safe. Honestly, for a handgun I would have said a simple to use 9 or .380 to start with. They're easy to use, plenty safe, reliable enough, and not a huge amount of gun to start off with. I was scared shitless the first time I picked up a 357 and honestly I'll never own one for self defense...I'd rather double tap a few .45s or .380s into them.

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