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Originally Posted by glockman9c View Post
I have a Mosberg 500 pistol grip myself, but Glock protects my home.

Size matters a lot though. He is small. My girl shoots better with that SP101 than any of my other guns.

Regardless, he has to be comfortable with whatever he buys.

PS - I used to carry a keltec .380 in my pocket and now I carry a .38 S&W airweight. I was never a wheel guy either, but no safety and no jamming and no racking is nice for fast action or non gun people.
True, wasn't really taking size into account and I didn't know what revolver you were talking about. That one is nice and compact which shouldn't be that bad to wield. It will have one hell of a kick though I think.

See there's always a round chambered in my guns so I never worry about racking it. Interesting though, I always thought you would carry a compact Glock, but I could see where that might go wrong if you carry it in your pocket (Plaxico).

Honestly, I think you should go to a range that rents guns and take your girl with you. Rent alot of handguns and figure out which one you are most comfortable with and go with that. I strongly urge a higher caliber weapon like a 357 or a .40/.45 but what really matters is how well you shoot. I'm a bit unconventional with my home defense choice so I'll stick to what has been said in this thread.

I would listen to glockman...he knows his sh1t

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