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Originally Posted by E46Rida View Post
I was thinking about doing this in the future. I really hate the way first gear is so short. Whats your rpm when you're at 75-80mph? Around 3500 I'm guessing?
actually its a tad over 3000........ probably 2900 at 75, 3200 at 80mph

I gotta say, I quickly noticed the higher rpms on the highway, and its helping me stay at 60-65mph

And.... after an aggressive tank of gas this weekend, i'm still averaging 22.5mpg, and i didn't go on my highways either

usually i'm at 23mpg, i'm sure that won't change

Originally Posted by lkstaack View Post
My install took a few hours. As I recall, removing the half shaft bolts is tedious for those without air tools. You must turn the drive shaft every couple of bolts and then wedge something to prevent it from turning. This has to be done for both shafts. Of course, you wouldn't have to do this if you had an air wrench.
yep, put it in neutral and turned a little every 2 bolts....... definitely easy being under a lifted car
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