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Originally Posted by theribdoctor View Post
I got my woman with this one....

1 package of boneless skinless chicken(cutlets or just pounded thin)

flour for dipping.

bottle of white wine, like a pino grigio

bottle of italian dressing(none of that fat free crap)

multi colored pasta, or fresh pasta.


Boil the pasta according to the instructions...

take the chicken and dip it into the flour, on both sides...
in a large skillet, heat up some italian dressing, and once up to temperature, medium- medium high, put chicken in...pour some more dressing in, and then cook till one side is white,,,flip chicken, add a little more dressing, and then some wine. enough just to cover the chicken. lower the heat and simmer till the chicken and pasta are cooked...

serve the chicken over the pasta, using the wine, flour and dressing mixture as sauce, and enjoy some of that wine.

This was delicious! I don't think I added enough dressing or wine, but everything was juicy and flavorful. I added some fresh green peppers and broccoli while cooking and garnished with some fresh from the garden tomatoes!!

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