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Hey guys,

Were you running 17" before? Our 18" 710's are just about 23~24 lbs, around the same, or a bit less than the weight of the 18" BBS CH, depending on the finish.

Imagine holding a 10lb weight with your arms fully extended, as opposed to holding it close to your chest. Even though the mass is the same, it takes a lot more energy depending on the positioning. It's the same idea with bigger wheels, the actual weight could be the same as a smaller wheel, but if there's more of it on the outside, it would take more energy to get the wheel turning.

Tires would also have quite an impact. Lower profile tires are concentrated along the outer edge of the rotating mass, further contributing to the lack of throttle response you're feeling. Then factor in the weight difference of different tire manufactuers, mkodama mentioned a difference in 3lbs between 2 tires of the same sizes, that's an additional 3lbs added in the worst place possible, just from the tire model.

This is one of those things that nobody can avoid, can't really fight physics

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