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Originally Posted by rovert View Post
I never felt any change from my stock 18's to my 710 19's. Ride quality didn't really change nor does going/stopping. My fuel economy is still awesome as I get 32-36MPG running in the country canyon roads and 24-29MPG the rest of the time in 30 highway/30 city/40 country. Could there be a coincidental problem happening at the same time?
The adverse affects on acceleration/braking does not vary by engine type. It affects an M3 the same way it affects a 318. But because an M3 has so much more power available, the effects are less noticable, i.e. the change is a smaller percentage of the car's performance.

Changes in fuel economy are tougher to nail down because of different driving styles. You'll see lower MPGs during acceleration, but only marginal changes during cruising. During coasting, you might actually see a slight increase in MPG. So when you look at your average, well let's just says "results may vary".
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