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Originally Posted by dkirby147 View Post
The adverse affects on acceleration/braking does not vary by engine type. It affects an M3 the same way it affects a 318. But because an M3 has so much more power available, the effects are less noticable, i.e. the change is a smaller percentage of the car's performance.

Changes in fuel economy are tougher to nail down because of different driving styles. You'll see lower MPGs during acceleration, but only marginal changes during cruising. During coasting, you might actually see a slight increase in MPG. So when you look at your average, well let's just says "results may vary".
I'm not really getting your point.
Let's think about wheel(metal part) and tires(rubber part).
So when you're going a next size wheel, you should go next lower size tire(Aspect Ratio or height)?! Right?
So your wheel+tire diameter is staying the same, so your speed indication didn't change or in other words you don't need update your speed reading ratio(conversion). BTW the speed of rotation would be same at any point of the wheel/tire.
So you're believing , that is bigger wheel will move mass rotation. I don't see how. The change(+_ 3-4 lb) would not significant, to compare to mass of the vehicle itself. Even more, the mass should almost compensating, by less rubber would use with bigger wheels.
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