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Originally Posted by supersickbimmer View Post
Just for the record, I have these brakes and know the guy doing the contest and can vouch for both. I have auto x with the brakes and have tracked the car as well. They are new to north America and are trying to build a name for itself.
Guys, Please don't ruin this contest by fighting. Other sponsor will look at this thread and say it's not worth all the Sh!t that goes on.
Here are some pics for the guys interested. Cheers and Good luck!
autox doesn't mean much for brakes.

I'd like to see tests. actual research in piston size. brake bias, etc. Choice of race pads?

pictures of them on the track are meaningless. they are great looking without a doubt. but are they functional besides just looking good? I said what I said because I saw some contestants track/autox their car. If I want a BBK i would want something proven for tracking/autox. If i wanted a show car these would look dope on them

not hating on any of the contestants. whoever wins wins. there will be cheating. I was PM'd to come here and to vote. I won't lie about it. If i never got that PM i would never have even known this existed. And to be hoenst. I dont know anyone of the contestants. I voted fairly and who i think deserves to win
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