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Originally Posted by M3_Aaron View Post
Believe it or not when your part of the world is sleeping the other half is awake
you guys are all beatin around the bush... You know what it has to do with, and its not the voting from e46 forum members when i'm, it has direct relationship to the Bimmerforums thread (and all the new accounts created from it... the M3 forum thread, and your own thread in the Aus section. The votes pulled from those threads are the only threads making him win. And those threads weren't "hey come check out or comp and vote", it was. "hey, come vote for Max" and people would blindly do it, people that would not have known this thread existed..

But I guess whoever wanted to win should have just had everyone they know and their mom sign up for a new account and vote!! You guys know thats not what this contest was about.. <<-- 30+ votes (most new members) and before he edited every one of his posts.. <<-- 14+ votes (your thread) <-- Couple there

Haven't found any other threads from the other participants though! weird..
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