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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
using an air tool, i only had to hold the driveshaft with a firm grip, it didn't spin at all

meh... for the low end acceleration, the 3.38 is worth it. not to mention, i always drive by sound of the engine, not speed... so keeping it at 2500rpms will keep me at 65ish... i don't mind going a little slower, it will save me from getting an 80 in a 65 ticket

do you have a 6 or 5 speed?

idk i don't enjoy cruising at 80mph.... 3000 rpms sounds a little bit too much for the engine IMO, 2700 tops for me
I've got a 5 speed, right now anything over 72 is over 3k if I remember correctly. With a 3.46 I may be up around 3500-3600, but thats still not that high, at all. These engines are meant to rev double that, and to survive on the autobahn, 3k is nothing.
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