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Originally Posted by StreetTrixE4six View Post
Regardless if it came out perfect or not, it still looks 1000 times better. Nice work, looks great. I'm going to have to try this as well.

Question: Is it a paint specifically to match the factory color or you just get a color and it will do the job? Like just get black for any black car, dark blue for any blue car, white for any white car, etc...

No its specifically matched when you order.

Ive tried it some more on my Honda (used my BMW black for my Honda FYI) and it works OK for little chips. Its not a perfect fix if you look closely, but it basically takes away the white in the chip so it looks better from casual viewing.

I'm still not convinced its worth $60 vs normal touchup paint which can be had for $6 - if you are very careful and use a tiny brush with normal touchup paint, the effect is the same for casual viewing. You can also wetsand touchup paint, which I've never done, but my guess is that is the best solution if you really want to do it right.
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