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Originally Posted by AdamBath View Post
I always thought they all used the same housing, maybe the X3's is different, but I've never seen a pic of it to know... are you doing a 2.93 limited slip, or did you change the ring gear too?
well i have a 3.15 in now so i thought i'd just try it on my old 2.93 that was just sitting around. And yes, i swapped in the 2.93 ring onto the LSD unit. It fit fine onto the pack. Eventually i want to change it out to hte 3.15, but since that's already in the car i thought why not use the one that's off the car.

Originally Posted by aggieE46 View Post
I think the X3 uses a slightly shorter housing. Not 100% positive, but I know you have to lengthen the driveshaft if you want to use it.

Could you possibly have the housing machined? Pictures!?!
Yes, I could get it machine, or even just cut it out wiht like a little air drill and die, but i don't wanna weaken the housing. I'm scared if i do it that way, get it to fit, it's not going to be as strong and if i do some mad 6k dumps it'll just shatter on me.

I'll try and get pictures on my next day off.

Originally Posted by Activ3 View Post
Get the housing from a 3.46 I know the kaaz units do NOT fit in the 2.93 diffs, but they will work in the 3.38 and the 3.46... I'm glad to see someone trying this, hopefully it works out for you!!
Ohh, that brings up good and bad news. Good news is, a possiblity of an lsd. the bad, i gotta find a 3.46 now.

I hope it works out too. if it does... zomg dori doriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. looll

Originally Posted by azzy989 View Post
curious to see where this goes!
yeah same here. hopefully i could get it to work.

Okay so a little bit more in-depth and some thoughts i have... The LSD pack is too big and not of a conical design to fit in the housing. Even without the ring gear on there. I was looking at pics of the e36 KAAZ unit and it LOOKS to be more of a triangular shape, which should help make it fit into the housing, but i'm not quiet sure on that. I guess right now my options are to machine out the housing (which i don't want to do because of safety & strength issues), buy a 3.46 housing (which will probably be the whole thing, not just hte housing), or buy an e36 OBX LSD and fit that in since it looks to be like it'll fit better.

I'm pretty sure that if i could get the lsd unit into the housing i could get it shimmed out to make it work. it's just getting it in the housing that is causing the problems right now.

Any more thoughts?

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