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I think I was ripped off -- Need a picture

I am seeking help. Has anyone recently -- within the last 6 months, purchased Michelin Sport Pilot PS2 for thier BMW? If you have, can you take a picture of the side wall of the tire? Does your tire say Sport Pilot PS2 on the side wall? If it does, can you take a picture and post it? I would really appreciate it.

Here is what happened to me....I would to a big name retailed. I will not say the name but I will tell you the advertise in most Car & Driver & Road & Track. I placed an order for 4 tires -- Michelin Sport Pilot PS2. I paid in advance -- which was required. I was getting the run around for 2 weeks. Finally I showed up at the retailed and said what the @#$% is going on? They told me they had 2 of the tires and the were waiting for the other 2. He did a search and said he could send a transportation company to pick up the other 2 tires and have they delivered the same day. He asked me if I minded if I left my car so he could install them immediately as soon as the tires arrived. He would then deliver my car to my house -- which he did.

I looked at the tires and no where did the tires indicate they were Sport Pilot 2. All they said Sport Pilot G1. I called Michelin. They have no idea what the G1 was. I contacted the retailer. They said they put PS2's on my M3. He has the sticker that came off the tire. I looked all over the tires and no where did I see PS2.

This is why I am asking for help from fellow M3 owners. I went to Michelin's website to find a picture. They have pictures of the tire but not the FULL side profile where you can see all the details of the tire (name, size, psi, etc....) Can someone post a picture so I can reference it?

Thank you,
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