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Originally Posted by Novare330 View Post
youre going to vinyl wrap a part of your car that has one side sitting very close to and is exposed to hot exhaust tips/muffler and exhaust gasses?

that + the fact that its vinyl = discoloration and fading very quickly, at which time you will either live with the ugly discolored vinyl or you will have to go through the hassle of scraping it off (it will be melted onto your difusor) and re-wrapping it

OEM IS expensive, no denying that, if you can afford it and want it bad enough, its a beautiful piece, the OEM weave is BAR NONE, but if its too expensive for your fancy, check this out

OP, you owe me
Thanks Stan! how bout lunch sometime? I do agree, OEM is the best, no competition there. I try to avoid aftermarket as much as possible but couldn't justify 800+ for a diffuser. The euro-spec one seems promising buuut I'm undecided due to fitment issues. Alex, dude, I just cant take my mind off that acs diffuser. Custom lower that thing and quad exhaust that baby!
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