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Originally Posted by Swedishbrick View Post
How do you think online reviews work? There is nothing they can do legally. A small local restaurant tried to sue for slander once for a review on Yelp (an online review place) but the judge just laughed at them. If it makes you feel more comfortable to wait until the issue is resolved, that's fine, but I think it would be good to put it out there so other people don't get screwed.

Good luck!

In the future: I have never heard anything bad about Tire Rack. I have ordered there before, and fully plan to again very soon.
+1, legally you can say what you want AS LONG as it's the truth. If you paid for PS2's and that is not what you got than by all means share who the company was so other consumers can avoid the company. Slander would be if you knowing made false claims against with company with no factual proof or basis. I would nail them to the wall!!! Hope you get it all worked out.
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