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Originally Posted by Chad e46 View Post
word. thanks man! i took the lamin-x off the corners and they look really good!
NP man
Originally Posted by syl3ntforce View Post
hey can u pm me price for a couple of things such as the uuc v.2 springs, satin plack painted window trim, hamann strut bar, 7k demon eyes, and cai, fitted oem nav, and the aluminum gauge rings ill pick up w/e i buy thanks
A few things...

The springs are still on the car, but they might be off by the end of this month, the window trim I will only sell if the buyer swaps his stock chrome trim for it, the hamann strut has been sold, another local member has already asked me for the angel eyes tonight so I'm just waiting to hear back from him, the oem nav I've decided not to part out since it's way too much work for me to deal with right now, and the gauge rings are glued in. I tried removing them last week, but I don't think I can w/o damaging them. Right now, the only thing you mentioned that I could sell is the cai which I have off the car already. Shoot me an offer for it and we'll go form there
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