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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Magazines from which handguns? Are any of them Glocks?
The information I shared was information straight from Glock's Law Enforcement Armorer division. It's a problem that happens to select magazines. They can't figure out why exactly it only affects certain magazines and not all.
Glock, AR, AK, 1911 and Sig. My father still has some that have been kept loaded since before the AWB. I've even heard of people finding loaded 1911 mags from WWI/WWII that shoot just fine.

If a spring made of steel is never compressed or stretched past it's elastic limit, there will be no appreciable change in elasticity, especially with modern springs/mags.

To put this one to rest, you have to understand creep. Creep is the slow flow of a non-ferric metal like copper, brass and lead under force. At temperatures outside of a furnace, steel doesn't have any appreciable creep. Under most conditions, steel flexes and then returns to its original shape. When pushed past its elastic limit, steel will bend and not return to its original shape. All designers of well-made magazines make sure the spring never approaches the elastic limit when the magazine is fully loaded. Honest. This means the spring will not weaken when the magazine is fully loaded -- not even over an extended time. Like 50 years. American Handgunner recently ran a story about a magazine full of .45 ACP that had been sitting since WWII and it ran just fine on the first try. So there you go.

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