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Originally Posted by lkstaack View Post
Perhaps I'm missing somthing, but I don't see how it will clog injectors. Engines with significant blow-by will have some oil being sucked into into the intake, but it shouldn't affect the injectors, should it? Paraklas was concerned that residual oil could affect the cooling abilities of the Laminova core of his intake, so he introduced a catch can into the system.
Isnt the injectors mounted in the intake manifold ?

Oil during engine operation isnt a big factor , but once engine is shut off the oil will dry and if this is done often enough without running some inj.cleaner it will disrupt the flow of gas.(not much though , but could eventualy cause missfire in an extreme scenario)

Since the CCV is cut out when running boost you dont have the oil / oil vapours seperated , all of them gets sucked in...
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