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Appreciate all the nice comments people

Next up will probably be painted moldings and black window trim...any photoshoppers?

Originally Posted by Presns3 View Post
i dunno about illest, but its very clean.

an alpina front would set it off
thanks and an Alpina lip is one of my fav for sure

I guess I'd have to poke a sh*tload more for that, how about hellaflush??

Originally Posted by BimmerPirate View Post
nice stance man....what part of SC were thoes photos taken in?
thanks dude! taken in Greenville

Originally Posted by Devious1 View Post
perfect drop and wheel setup. do you have any rubbing issues?

for sure. front rubs (no trim or roll) and the rear tires scrub and there is nothing I can do about that while keeping this offset

Originally Posted by southpaw View Post
lovin the offsets!!!

needs more low and you're set.
lower in the front for sure if I go lower in the rear the rim will rub metal like it did before I trimmed it even more

Originally Posted by SaaDiesel View Post
That is one insane setup Which shocks are you using?
What happened to picks of ur gauge cluster?
thanks dude. OEM shocks (I know I know) but these springs are designed for their dampening rate or whatever. I haven't felt them bottom out either, those bump stops are great. Didn't get ANY interior shots on this shoot. nothing special in there except decently clean.

Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
when you say trimming your fenders sdo you mean cutting the metal?
yep. first time I ever trimmed I took a sawzaw to the fender lip and that was it. when I trimmed it last week I shaved the lip down to a minimum (but left a slight lip for strength) and the actually cut long pieces of metal out from inside the fender. I'll PM you some pics of that in a few days if you want to see how it look under there. nothing extreme but def. took some metal out!

Originally Posted by verb View Post
Nice. Where did you get the lip spoiler and was it prepainted?
eBay, and it was not prepainted


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