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Originally Posted by vaio76109 View Post
Heh, told ya so .

I wouldn't say that you caught it just before it failed. I found mine in the same condition when I changed oil pumps, and IIRC when your changed yours the first time it was in the same condition. That would be a HUGE coincidence for all three of those just to have happened, they had probably been like that for a while.

If anyone is SERIOUSLY(!!!) interested in the 3/4 bolt sprocket shaft PM me. It's not cheap, but it's cheaper than the other options, and equally as good IMO.
I would suggest putting together some kind of group buy....I know of a few people that would be interested right now. I've also just been contacted by a race team that's making the switch to E46/M54s....

Originally Posted by mrshelley View Post
vaio76109 has the correct pump shaft. The VAC one has never worked for me and the motor out of the Z4 proved to me (for the 4th time) that this pump shaft does not work. The only reason why I use the BMW motorsport system right now because I want all 4 of my motors to be exactly the same.

FYI: No matter what, install a new pump chain and if you put around 100 hours of race time on your motor, change out the chain again.
Good advice.

Although I plan to run my next engine without an oil pump chain.

Originally Posted by Mr Paddle.Shift View Post
I am thinking maybe the 2005 WTCC 320i might have a more viable solution, which I am sure you checked it out. You have the P54 intake, yes?
Sorry, can't comment on that.
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