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I posted these a while back, but as a FYI, here's a few pics of the motorsport setup:

The shaft is tapered (like a drill chuck or the timing sprocket on a VW diesel engine) and it has a right hand thread nut. The sprocket has one extra tooth on it, so a shim (1/4") needs to be installed between the block and the oil pan. There is an oil scraper that is attached to this shim also (you'll see this in the first pic). This is so the chain does not hit the oil pan. There is an adjuster for the chain also. The pan baffle is pretty expensive and consists of two pieces. It has a series of doors in it and does a really good job at keeping the pump from sucking up air.

The whole thing does it's job and works quite well. It's amazing that it has a right hand threaded nut on it and some red loctite is all it needs to keep from coming off.
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