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Newbie trying this firt time.....More pictures needed

Hi there,

I am newbie....Just bought a 2002 325i 4dr Sedan that came with a 4-spoke steering. I wanted to change this to a 3-spoke M or 3-spoke sport one. i read this thread but kind of confused with the steps and pictures. would really appreciate if you can add some more pictures with arrow marks showing the exact screws and wires and stuff to work with.........i just dont want to have the air bag slam on my face....... also, how do i know if my car has a 1 stage airbag or 2 stage airbag???...i read a lot about these things but couldn't figure out what my actually came with......
lastly, where can i find these steering wheels for the cheapest possible, yet good condition, near los angeles, CA ?
thanks in advance.

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