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Originally Posted by phatchunk99 View Post
I'm getting ready to change out the front rotors and brakes in a couple of days. At this time, I'm not planning on flushing the brake fluid. As I've read in quite a few places that moisture should be kept away from this fluid because it would potentially cause corrosion on the brake pistons. However, I've also read in places during the rotor/pad installation process to unscrew the cap on the brake fluid reservoir, which to me would allow moisture to go into the reservoir. Am I correct?
Im not a pro but have done this on another vehicle in the past. For the first question, Moisture is not good but i really don't see moisture getting into your system if you just do the job and close it up right after-wards. Its also good to replace the fluid because it gets dirt, debris,and the fluid its self becomes burnt from everyday use. For the second, as long as the system is bled properly, there shouldn't be any issues at all if it's open or not.
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