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Originally Posted by Reno View Post
3 years this month...

havnt got a date since then

i just not supposed to be with someone i guess

i could swear its fate
keep thinking like that and you wont, the only thing thats stopping you from getting a date is you, and the fact that youve accepted defeat by saying "youre not supposed to be with someone", youre currently your greatest enemy/adversary

how are you not getting dates? are you actively going out and approaching girls? if so where? or do you wait for girls to approach you in public? give me as many details as you can and i'll do my best to help
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Originally Posted by drbworld View Post
Need some opinion. Stock Titanium Silver coupe without spoiler, using the 2 Fast 2 furious skyline vinyl scheme. What do you think, do it or not? plus, i think it would look better then what most car members have here.
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