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05 Models have the newer floor which is a stronger and more durable material.

BMW changed all part codes associated with the rear subframe area as they knew it was a defect and made changes to make sure the 05+ models were without the problems in the earlier models.

if you look at the link above, there's a new part for the rear axle support, number 16. Part 41007030266 is what's on the older M3s (pre 05) and 41117000246 is whats on the newer M3s (05+)

Did some more research. It seems like the subframe failure COULD BE (I emphasize COULD BE) because of all the rear bushings and lower wishbone failing and then putting extra stress on the rear subframe.

BMW did a change on the RTABs (rear trailing arm bushes) in 2005. The part number for the old RTABs #33322228153 is listed as pre 10/05 cars and #33326770817 is listed as post 10/05.

BMW also made changes with the ball joints of the trailing arm from #33321140345 to #33326775551, the lower wishbone from #33321092237 to #33326770813, the lower wishbone bushings from #33321092248 to #33326770824 and changed the eccentric bolt from #33326770877 to 33326772698. They also changed the rear axle carrier mounts on the left from #33312282113 to #33312283573 and the right ones from #33312282114 to #33312283574 and the mounts in the rear for both left and right from #33312282321 to #33312283419.
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