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OK, so here is my review of leatherique leather recoloring system. I did it now almost three months ago, so I think I can review it.

I will start from the very begining. First, dye removal liquid. I would say works fine, the leather color comes off quite easy. It was almost imposible to remove old dye evenly everywhere, as the dye "comes back" after leather dries. Well, I spend most of the time preparing the leather. Wasn't bad at all, just gets messy and very time consuming if you want to do it right.

Application. Straight forward. Went to Art supply store (artblick) and bought decent fine art brush for water based paint ($30 brush on sale for $12). Aplication was easy, I've put two very thin coats on the seats. It looked way much better than before. At that point I was very excited. Leather texture is not as OEM dye, even after very thin coat in some areas I can tell that it was repainted - it just looks smooth, without texture. Color matched very close to OEM, however, it is a little bit shiny (I hate that), not matte like original. At least I did not have these nasty blobs of different color.

Now the bad part. Longevity. I will post pictures later, however, it is not good. Most of the seat looks good, however, there are few spots where the paint is changing color-peeling-not holding well. Not sure how to explain. It is on the bottom of the seat and the very bottom of the vertical part of the seat (don't know the word). I assume my pants (jeans 90% of the time) are sanding the dye away. It looks like dark spots, looks like dye missing. That started few weeks after redyeing and it gets worse every month. I will have to redo the seat, not sure if I will be able to do only that part without screwing up the whole seat.

So my suggestion: if your seats are not in bad shape, don't do it. It does not look as good as OEM, it does not feel like OEM and I would rather buy another seat than go through this again.
It takes some time. I took the seat out, cleaned it, removed the old dye, dry, recolor, dry, recolor, and then it has to sit for few days....So it is not one day project.

If you have seats like mine, well, it looks much better, color matches good, however, it does not last. I assume I will have to do this over and over again. This is my daily commute car, so I wear and tear is unavoidable. I believe it this system would work on show restored cars which you drive once a month with light shorts during the summer month and clean afterwards, but not everyday.

I hope this helps, I will take some pictures this weekend.
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